My Roles: Creative Technologist, Graphic Design, UX Design, Social Media

With: Ignacio Oreamuno, Eduardo Han, Zack Kinslow, Brett McKenzie & Nathan Salguiero




When the Tomorrow Awards went on hiatus for a year, we created a campaign to let the world know we were back.

THE COUNTDOWN TO DEADLINE ENTRY Countdown graphics to alert participants to enter soon on our social media platforms.
TWEET THE FUTURE CONTEST MICROSITE We created the Tweet the Future microsite for step by step instructions on how they could win a trip to New York City and Stockholm, Sweden.
WEBSITE SLIDERS On, homepage sliders were created to let them know about the new contest.
BANNER ADS Banner ads appeared on the Art Directors Club and Tomorrow Awards web pages.
E-MAIL BLASTS E-Mail Blasts were sent out with interviews and articles from past winners and new creative innovations.
FACEBOOK AD & SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS From Facebook to Twitter, we created posts and graphics to let everyone know about the Tweet the Future contest.
CEREMONY PRINT INVITATION Traditional print invitations were given out to let people know that they were invited to vote and attend the Tomorrow Awards ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Newport News Tourism Development Office

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Newport News Public Art Foundation

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VB Jaycees

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City Center at Oyster Point


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